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The Borg queen on #StarTrek implies the existence of a middle class of Borg, the Borgeoisie

ok and mastodon people. Answer me this, I have a ZFS filesystem on machine A, I zfs-send it to machine B (zfs send -R) (zfs receive -Fv). machine A has 4T of space *total*. machine B has 8T of space. when done, machine B has only 250g of free space available), the filesystem is almost _twice_ as large?

Roses are red.
Roses are blue.
Depending on their velocity
relative to you.

@toran @lattera @kev The BSDs are a friendly and supportive community, you'll enjoy the fun then stay for the stability ☺️

Rebranding Linode as “Akamai Connected Cloud” is just replacing words with dumber words until and unless Akamai replaces Linode’s API with a surly hungover 22-year-old named Jason making changes via ServiceNow helpdesk tickets.

I may still have #COVID, but I'm starting 2023's #HardenedBSD hacking
strong! Lots of goodies baking in the oven.

when you need to fix something on a legacy project

CTRL - SALT - DELETE. One of the new names for one of our city snow plows #hamont

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