@bcallah you’re old!!! Just wait til you start recognizing songs in the grocery store as ones you grew up to! 😂

@HardenedBSD ok, let me know if you don't see it in paypal and I will follow up with them, I have some kind of confirmation number I think.

@HardenedBSD Did paypal, so should have already cleared? And donor page, sure!

@HardenedBSD I think I just snuck this in under the wire for 2021. Keep up the good work!

@HardenedBSD Do you lose anything (3%?) by going by paypal? I don't mind sending a check if you get more of it.

@HardenedBSD What is your preferred way to get donations? The paypal link?

@djsundog Permanent move? I missed why you packed up from the seattle area.. when I saw the messages about the great eastward migration I initially thought it was a vacation road-trip!

@lattera Yeah, I figured that, just wondering how it works, what makes it different than cloaked guard nodes, or the various guard node transport plugins to hide the tor protocol.

@lattera what is snowflake? How is it different than guard nodes? email wasn't all that useful, neither is: snowflake.torproject.org/

@mwlucas Tendinitis in left arm, is that where you have a ringing sensation in your elbow?

@dch @mwlucas Well, MWL ran a test with a 'rsa' key.. that SHOULD have worked per my understanding.. and didn't. That bears testing to tease out the details (and certainly my understanding of what is going on and what this means!)

@mwlucas my understanding is the deprecated sha1, which rsa-ssh uses, but there exist other signature algorithms with RSA that still work:


I will try some experimentation since the 'key' and 'signature' are different I thought.

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