@a2_4am hmm.. .woz , will floppyemu handle 800k .woz? I see mentions of 5.25, but nothing mentioning directly 800k

@a2_4am Wow, I had missed those, thank you so much. I remember and still even have so many of those!

@a2_4am are you doing moof (or equivalent) for Apple II/IIgs 400k/800k/1440k software?

Canary post. Can one of you on a different instance retoot this? Thx

@phen314 yes, and when you favorite a boosted post the booster doesn't see that either.

what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)

@phen314 Yes, definitely tech heavy, but I like that. There's a bunch of entertainers here though too.

@TechConnectify Ok... now I see why you expect the strong reactions.. definitely antagonizing viewers with the snark.. That said, how did you miss the obvious pun and punch 'enLIGHTened' in the script!

@TechConnectify Wait... that is the video that you think would cause strong reactions? I expect this to be absolutely tame compared to your EV, humidifier, or heat pump videos!

@phen314 it has been wild to watch the social networks colide. For years I had, almost exclusively, my alternative and legacy social networking circles with almost zero overlap.

Finally fully completed my offsite postgresql wal replica... 16 months of wal logs to replay! at about 40 gig/day of logs (ish)

@SamUpstate Favorites are private between you and the creator. So if you are trying to signal 'good' to the creator, it works. But nobody else can see it.

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