How did I avoid using poudriere for so long?! This is game changing.

@mwlucas ok. Had to look it up. Like 99% it is the alpine 3808. If not this very very close. Definitely dual huge power supplies and all those fans

@mwlucas summit 48. Remember when that was top of the line!! We gad 4? Of those when i was in charge of rpics. And then they all connected to an even bigger extreme networks modular chasis whose name is escaping me at the moment!

bad joke 

@mwlucas oh. Something I forgot to mention. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been noticed. I see regular probes to my ocsp server from google, microsoft, and apple

@mwlucas if you need commands for running your own crl and ocsp servers
for your own CA, I’ve got it!

@mwlucas while you are rightfully trouncing CAs, are you covering alternatives like DANE? Also do you cover being your own CA and the options for how to do it like setting up your own crl and ocsp server and ocsp stapling?

6502 history, Chuck Peddle 

@mwlucas torn between a pinky and the brain reference and “soon”

@vickysteeves academic setting? I think your billing and cost recovery is going to be the worst part. Justifiable/defensible billing of grants. Still. Have. Nightmares! 😂

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