...and back after long power outage and recovery :\

@joel I have had similar experiences, there may be multiple mixer settings at play; if you open a terminal window and just type 'mixer' you can see all of them; at least on my system "vol" "pcm" "speaker" come into play, "vol" is the one that tends to be controlled by the UI,, but the others feed into it.

@joel :freebsd: awesome; do you know if it is just firefox (like audio output/library issue) or if ANY sound doesn't work?

Hey, #retrocomputing folks. Is there a common name for this category of wedge-shaped toggle switch, as found on the PDP-11/70 and other machines of that era?

How much do you drive on average?

Average male in the US between about 20-54 drives 18,500 per year, average family is about ~30,000 per year.

(which corresponds to roughly 74 to 120 miles/weekday)

@stefano Woah... I knew about SOME of that; like when running diskless from an NFS server.. but I never knew it was THAT easy on a system with a disk, and I've been running for 30 years

Picked up a new dad trick:

Every time I tell my child I'll explain something to her when she's older, I write it down. On her 18th birthday I will painstakingly explain every item on this list to her.

"In 2028 I made a joke about 'golden showers.' That means--"


@j @phen314 To note at least in my case the instance was primarily slow because of the concurrent number of connections; it wasn't CPU or IO or database constrained,I used up the max number of sockets allocated to the service and things had to wait in line behind slow connections; had I configured the proxy with a larger inbound connection pool I may have been fine; but that just potentially opens me up to a different kind of DDoS 🤷

If it happens more frequently I will try to tune it better.

@j @phen314 yes, if you post something that gets boosted a lot, or even just looked at a lot you'll get a LOT of traffic all of a sudden. I replied to a tech-connections post once and WOW, instance went non-responsive for a few minutes with the thundering herd of traffic

@stefano I *want* to say that didn't exist when I set up my instance in ~april 2017. I WANT to say that, because I remember looking VERY hard for that... but I see that document was created in ~may 2017, with the pull request on april 24, 2016 (about a week after I sett things up).. so it probably DID exist... but at least the PR says it was "poorly documented"

Oh well, as a single user instance, maybe I just nuke myself back to nothing

"As with LOCAL_DOMAIN, WEB_DOMAIN cannot be safely changed once set, as this will confuse remote servers that know of your previous settings and may break communication with them or make it unreliable. As the issues lie with remote servers’ understanding of your accounts, re-installing Mastodon from scratch will not fix the issue. Therefore, please be extremely cautious when setting up LOCAL_DOMAIN and WEB_DOMAIN."

Well, 💩

@stefano Hey. I have a question for you, your mastodon address is '@bsd.cafe' yet your mastodon service instance is mastodon.bsd.cafe. How did you do that? I wanted to do that for my domain, but I couldn't (at the time)

@a2_4am That is pretty deliciously evil and clever at the same time

@scanlime this game was so amazing and wonderful. It is really shocking and sad there isn’t anything like it.

I don’t mean like the java port, but i mean brand new games like it in the genre.

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