now that pine64 is selling replacement parts for the pinephone on their website, you can actually build your own pinephone and appears to be about two dollars compared to the fully assembled, tested, and warrantied product, so maybe don't do that.

COVID19, nuclear take 



The fediverse seems so much more lively with all
of the social distancing!

@mwlucas this was especially egregious. It was really self evident!

@lattera What happens when they start the ultimate phase of their plan where they mix the DoH https servers with the cloudflare frontend proxies? Just block all of cloudflare? (Not that I am opposed to this, it would just be highly disruptive)

@lattera I don't think that many NEW ones will.. I cannot tell you the number of times I have entered a hostname on the "url" bar and been taken to a google search for that hostname because I didn't trip whatever algorithm to recognize it as hostname vs wanting to search.

(PS: I hate the combined search/url bar)

Every so often I get this weird feeling that things aren’t quite ‘right’. It’s like I have a memory of how things are supposed to be. But I cannot quite remember it.

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