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@philpennock @22decembre @mwlucas I just uses the standard CA infrastructure that everyone else uses. Is that 'too big to fail'? I think you HAVE to support the CA infrastructure; but that doesn't mean you need to ONLY support the CA infrastructure, and you get enough things ALSO supporting DANE, and you can slowly ween people off of the CAs... kinda like how we're trying to get IPv6, or ESNI, or even SNI in the first place

@mwlucas @22decembre this reminds me of cloudflare's business model. Everything they do/support (ESNI, DoH, DNS) works better/faster if you are their customer, and slower than before if you are not.

@mwlucas @22decembre Never thought about it.

But the question is 'why?' they don't love the CA cartel, they've undercut the CAs at every opportunity. Their solutions of certificate pinning, certificate transparency, have been shown to be snakeoil and crap at every turn... What do they get by opposing DANE/DNSSEC... ESPECIALLY as they support a DNS powered ESNI?

@22decembre @mwlucas Yeah, and their arguments are totally BS, and their duplicity is laid bare by their own support of ESNI which.. puts public keys in DNS for SSL requests!

Google's take is likewise poor.

I think a grassroots campaign needs to be waged. Start embedding it in projects and libraries. For example imagine if mastodon for its federation protocol supported DANE.

@mwlucas We need to get DANE adopted, all of these CA SSL workarounds just SUCK.

And with ESNI they're not even bothering to pretend that a DNS lookup per request or putting public key information in DNS is "bad" anymore,

@mwlucas Hey, Certificate Transparency solves all 🤮 Have I introduced you to my lord and savior ? :)

How did I avoid using poudriere for so long?! This is game changing.

@mwlucas ok. Had to look it up. Like 99% it is the alpine 3808. If not this very very close. Definitely dual huge power supplies and all those fans

@mwlucas summit 48. Remember when that was top of the line!! We gad 4? Of those when i was in charge of rpics. And then they all connected to an even bigger extreme networks modular chasis whose name is escaping me at the moment!

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