SecureBoot. A qualified success! Ish. More information coming


what a crappy week. Its not even that anything went wrong (though it did), but I've just been anxious all week

always fun to remember humanity had millennia to figure out undergrad physics but i have 4 years.

@ajroach42 Bah, I've done similar, I don't see it as fundamentally different than stunnel, and it neatly handles NAT and firewalls to boot!

@ajroach42 Running the tor service on the same machine? should be golden.. if not I am sure in 0.001 seconds someone else will chime in!

@ajroach42 Well, that changes EVERYTHING.. like completely everything. TECHNICALLY that last hop is still in the open; BUT you 'have' to trust that the person who setup the service (you?) trusts that last node (hidden services use _6_ nodes instead of 3. You're good unless the person setting up the hidden service is an idiot :)

@ajroach42 No, tor is NOT E2E encrypted, it is encrypted until you hit the exit node, and then its raw whatever protocol out (in this case telnet, non encrypted). So, do you trust the Tor exit node you've picked? Do you even know who runs it? (We know for example that wikileaks got a lot of its documents from tor exit nodes; you can bet that every intelligence service runs tor exit nodes.

@lattera I realized too late the correct snarky reply to hardenedstrcasecmp was that it was called strncasecmp.

"Go is syntactically similar to C, but with memory safety" :flan_thumbs:

"[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x0 pc=0x6f1cb2]" :flan_worried:

@lattera merging in? Are you keeping your implementation, just resyncing everything around it?

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