@scanlime And as is tradition, as soon as I ask, I figure it out for myself:
rfc-editor.org/ien/ien26.pdf (WHERE IS PAGE 3?!)
rfc-editor.org/ien/ien28.pdf (secion 2.3)

... and I am sure it continues as the evolution of the protocol got to v4)

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@scanlime awhile ago you had posted a paper describing variable length network addresses in ipv4 (or earlier), where each 'program' on a computer would get an address and then a router to a subnet would just be a different program, and then this evolved over time to port numbers identifying programs and a fixed address size.

Do you still have a link to that, or any search terms that would help me find it? Thanks.

Remember when AOL would post these out everywhere, all the time?

@openstreetmap hey. Something not up with www.openstreetmap.org? Getting really spotty connectivity from multiple networks, even if down-detectors say you are up.

Have you upgraded to #FreeBSD 14 yet?

FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE is now available! This is the first release from the stable/14 branch and is available on all supported architectures. #FreeBSD #Opensource freebsd.org/releases/14.0R/ann

@lattera I see you got credit for a recent SA ;) Congrats, making us all better!

Anyone else running #FreeBSD on low power hardware like the #RaspberryPi ?

My project today was installing 14.0-RELEASE on a small RPI4 and building out a handful of jails.

Great work everyone on #FreeBSD 14.0!

I believe this will be a milestone release.

Everyone PLEASE update the WiKi and Handbook to reflect it.

The FreeBSD Foundation is searching for a contractor whose role will be to make FreeBSD/amd64 and FreeBSD/arm64 officially supported OpenJDK platforms:


#OpenJDK #freebsd

I'm speechless 🤯 The print at the exhibition feels so big in real. I'm super happy sitting in the corner of my illustration.
Tomorrow, signing session!

#krita #MastoArt #pepperandcarrot

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