As of today, /usr/local/sbin/pkg will be compiled as a Position-Independent Executable (PIE) with Link-Time Optimization (LTO) enabled on #HardenedBSD :

Started to dig into the postgres docu again for how to initdb properly. (Something i do so rarely, that i always fail to remember what i did last time)

But of course, on FreeBSD i can just do "service postgresql initdb" and the defaults are exactly what i want.

i 💜 FreeBSD

@emaste @lattera apparently either -hackers is down, or I fail at email.


It is crypt(3) password support for lua-loader

@lattera @emaste ... so I have even another one! I just sent to -hackers. Encrypted password support for lua-loader. :)


I sure hope i don't get banned for posting something SO nsfw

Friends of the #BSDCafe, friends on the #Fediverse, users of #DragonflyBSD, #FreeBSD, #NetBSD, #OpenBSD.

What's your favourite #BSD? And why?

Please boost!

TIL Tom Lehrer released his entire discography, including the lyrics, to the public domain

Whoever thought YAML was a good idea thought wrong.

#WozADay: Platoon

still not entirely sure who would watch Platoon (1986) and leave the theater thinking “this needs an Apple II video game adaptation”, but here we are

#retrogaming #apple2 #AppleII

Are you serious?! I bought one thing ever from them directly. Ever. About 2 months ago. This is ridiculous, unacceptable. Lack of proper separation of sevices, why are they storing any credit card numbers? (What is the point of a partial? Why store it at all? PCI-DSS anyone?). Where’s any kind of credit services or notice to the credit carriers themselves, just some 8xx number to call. This is just an atrocious response. Oh and this isn’t a screenshot of the email, they sent it as a picture.

@mnemonicoverload @rlaimondas Further, rack servers have no regard for acoustic signature. Server chassis have no consumer acceptability pressure, they're in dedicated facilities and ordered by people who will never even see them. Taking them out of their element can fucking ruin your marriage.

@SwiftOnSecurity If linux doesn't want to be like windows explain systemd

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