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Saw a great shoutout to by John Carmack in an interview today... just totally namedropping that he reads the kernel.,

@scanlime BTW, is "you"? I saw you had the chip reverse-engineerer (I'd call it a decompiler, but it is a chip!) and linked to, but unsure if that is actually 'you'

@scanlime Just saw your robot odyssey playthrough. well parts of it.. I am replaying from when I was younger and cheesed the hell out of it and don't want the puzzles ruined ... hell of a trip!

ugh, massive power outage yesterday, took out 10k people for a few hours, and my home network for longer 📉

Every so often mastodon federation seems to stop, and I need to make a post to see certain servers again...

@a2_4am Hello, huge fan of your efforts. Just learned you moved over to mastodon (yes, I am behind the times, but I don't use twitter much anymore either!) anyway, welcome and thank you!

Hmm... latest mastodon server seems to crash (reliably) amaroq. Guess it is the official iOS app then... it was a good run amaroq! @eurasierboy

yeah.. and sidekiq is working again too 🤦‍♂️ .. self inflicted injury

This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.

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