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Full disk encryption gives peace of mind if your computer goes missing and reduces anxiety about throwing out old hard drives or computers.

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Not sure what's going on today but my TL has a lot of folks complaining about and looking down on other people because they chose different tools and processes to get their job done.

So it's time for the PSA that it's really none of your business what tools people use to complete their tasks, whether at work or especially at home. At work, if they're getting their job done, what does it matter if they're using an IDE or remote editing or working solely in docker? What does it matter if they're using vim with lots of plugins or with none?

So dial it back a bit, eh?

E-mail deals with spam using Bayesian filters or machine learning. The more training data there is, the more accurate the results, a monolith like GMail benefits from this greatly. Mastodon's decentralization means everyone has separate training data, and starts from scratch, which means high inaccuracy. It also means someone spamming a username could potentially lead to any mention of that username be considered spam due to the low overall volume of data, unless you strip usernames


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If you've read #fmjail: a review on Amazon or your favorite bookstore would help me out.

Windows 10update. Hour 12. I still have 2 “feature updates” to go

Ugh. Was pretty sick over the weekend with a pretty nasty stomach infection, and while I am better now, everything tastes weird.

Hey, look who's #1 in the "Unix" category!

This toot will age badly...

@bcallah hey. Now that you’re back and local let’s get going again!

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