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Upgraded to v2.5.0. Enabled relay. Awaiting relay approval. Lets see how this works!

So went out with coworkers and ex-coworkers tonight, turns out there is a place called "nocturnal cookies that moved next door!

Another machine saved from battery death (the real-time clock/BIOS batteries are often leaky and the resulting corrosion can destroy the traces of a motherboard and nearby components).

Ideally the soldered-on battery is relaced with a solution that allows easy battery replacement, so it can be put in storage easily. Not sure yet what I’ll do here as there’s limited space in this Commodore PC-10C.

save money on laser printing by using your existing laser mouse

Well.. debugging took a wild change in direction...

If anyone spots an #Amaroq clone that doesn’t disclose its source please let me know and/or report it to Apple for being in violation of MPL 2.0. Apparently there’s been a resurgence in dubious Amaroq lookalikes. Thanks 💕

@cokebot9000 i can only see that you follow me, but a total count of 3. So they have the default security set on this instance. I think that’s a good default, but you can change it if you want

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