@HardenedBSD What is your preferred way to get donations? The paypal link?

@david PayPal is preferred, but we also accept checks and wire transfers. We don't support ACH or direct deposits due to security issues (mainly: exposing the full account number).

@HardenedBSD Do you lose anything (3%?) by going by paypal? I don't mind sending a check if you get more of it.


@HardenedBSD I think I just snuck this in under the wire for 2021. Keep up the good work!

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@david Thanks a lot for the donation! When the check clears, would you like your name added to the donor's page?

@HardenedBSD Did paypal, so should have already cleared? And donor page, sure!

@david Oh, I gotcha. I'm sorry, I thought you meant you sent a check. I'll double-check Paypal and get back to you. :-)

@david No worries. I/we appreciate every contribution, no matter the kind. Thanks a lot for helping out. :-)

@HardenedBSD ok, let me know if you don't see it in paypal and I will follow up with them, I have some kind of confirmation number I think.

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