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ok and mastodon people. Answer me this, I have a ZFS filesystem on machine A, I zfs-send it to machine B (zfs send -R) (zfs receive -Fv). machine A has 4T of space *total*. machine B has 8T of space. when done, machine B has only 250g of free space available), the filesystem is almost _twice_ as large?

Roses are red.
Roses are blue.
Depending on their velocity
relative to you.

@toran @lattera @kev The BSDs are a friendly and supportive community, you'll enjoy the fun then stay for the stability ☺️

Rebranding Linode as “Akamai Connected Cloud” is just replacing words with dumber words until and unless Akamai replaces Linode’s API with a surly hungover 22-year-old named Jason making changes via ServiceNow helpdesk tickets.

I may still have #COVID, but I'm starting 2023's #HardenedBSD hacking
strong! Lots of goodies baking in the oven.

when you need to fix something on a legacy project

CTRL - SALT - DELETE. One of the new names for one of our city snow plows #hamont

i have no idea how many different pythons i have in my computer. probably across 2 desktops, 2 laptops, and a server, theres like 80 different pythons. sssssss. i type in python and god knows whats going to happen. theyre all wriggling around in there. sssss. what is it? three point ssssseven? three point ten point sssssix? who knows? sssss. sorry you cant quit. usssse quit() or Ctrl-Z plusssss return to exssssit

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