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use_sasl no
rootuse_sasl yes

also nss_ldap:
krb5_rootusekeytab 1
krb5_rootautorenew 1

How many conflicting conventions can we use in a single file?

(FYI, the '1' values above are parsed via atoi() in source).

Also nss_ldap.. tls works in some execution environments and not others, still tracking down the root cause of THAT (same .so file, same host, same config file. ktrace indicates that it isn't even LOOKING at the cert store in some cases)

@a2_4am are you doing moof (or equivalent) for Apple II/IIgs 400k/800k/1440k software?

Canary post. Can one of you on a different instance retoot this? Thx

what was your first social network?

(plz boost for sample size)

Finally fully completed my offsite postgresql wal replica... 16 months of wal logs to replay! at about 40 gig/day of logs (ish)

ugh, letsencypt cert failed to renew... ya-know if we can actually get DANE to take hold we can kick this whole CA bullshit to the curb.

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