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ugh, letsencypt cert failed to renew... ya-know if we can actually get DANE to take hold we can kick this whole CA bullshit to the curb.

fighting the most infuriating bug I have faced in a long time. Works locally, doesn't work in higher environments, but SAYS it works. logging says it is working.. but output isn't there.

I think I could go for a nice glass of merlot tonight... no reason.. just feeling like it

Forget pumpkin spice season, it is apple cider donut season!

Emulate hard drive clicks for your vintage machines with SSDs!. It does it just by looking at the disk LED, so it isn't really faithful

Now I want to take a SCSI2SD and put this as part of it, have it analyze the requests and determine what sound to make, you could even load sound and drive profiles to take into account the emulated geometry and mechanism

Getting Home Assistant running in a #FreeBSD 13.1 jail

It's a combination of 4 packages and a handful of pips.

Not covered: creating the jail, getting TLS running, configuring #homeassistant.

@a2_4am When doing your archival work and the like, how much do you worry about the Apple II and IIgs viruses that existed back then and bringing them forward into the present?

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