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Hey #FreeBSD people! One of the things I learned today at the first day of DConf 2021 is that the entire D language infrastructure runs on FreeBSD because the language creator (Walter Bright) is a fan of FreeBSD. That's also why FreeBSD is an officially supported platform.

Feel like there's an opportunity here for the FreeBSD people...

I heard there was a secret code,
That David typed, and it fixed the Lord's
VPN latency issues.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

I'd like to thank #FreeBSD for helping resolve an issue with the touchpad's physical buttons on my laptop.

Today I've been using 'mkjail update -a' to update all my jails with respect to recent published known vulns on #FreeBSD.

Why update the jail and the host? Because I can.

Patch everything when a patch is available. One vuln might have unknown leverage. I can't tell. So I patch.

zero out drive for good measure. reboot.... garbage on the serial console.... power cycle. garbage. power cycle.. garbage... vague memories that this is why I pulled one of these machines out and gave up on the series for anything real...

Now I begin my trek through my spares....

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No point trying to recover, and it is old.. there's no way this data is valuable, I look at it again.. yeah.. toast it. download fresh 12.2-RELEASE-SPARC.disc1.iso, check chesksums and signatures (ALWAYS DO THIS).. now to find CDR media... ZOMG found some... ZOMG, cdrecord works.. boots.. errors on sector way at the end. whatever burn again.. slower speed. new disk fails the EXACT SAME sector. whatever.. just boot and go

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Morning. power outage.. crap.. go to check, the tar finished, great.. system reset, sitting at fsck.. unexpected fileystem error.. crap. run fsck ... EVERYTHING is corrupt.. double crap.. vague memory that I knew this.. that for some reason fsck on 11 on sparc would flag everything as bad even though filesystem was consistent, but fsck on 10 would show it all as good... crap...

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ah, yes.. where did we leave off... oh yes.. it boots, it works.. wow even attempting the emulation was a waste of time. running FreeBSD 11.. so even pretty recent (for SPARC)... check it out.. 1G RAM.. but no swap. and there's some data on the drive I should preserve before I nuke it. Start the tar.. go to bed.

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Relent. give up. Hardware time.
Go downstairs, find most convenient box pick it up, clean it off, bring it up, plug in, turn on.
WTF.. It boots. Its is sitting at a login prompt?! EVEN THE NVRAM IS VALID?!?!?!

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