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5 more patches submitted. 1 already accepted and applied.

Another (trivial) patch accepted to kernel. Will get that core commit back. Patch by loving patch!

I am such a lightweight. 2 margaritas totally makes me tipsy now

How did I avoid using poudriere for so long?! This is game changing.

6502 history, Chuck Peddle 

Oh, *wow*. I love this bit about its origin at Motorola:

"Motorola's Semiconductor Products Division management was overwhelmed with problems and showed no interest in Peddle's low-cost microprocessor proposal. Eventually Peddle was given an official letter telling him to stop working on the system. Peddle responded to the order by informing Motorola that the letter represented an official declaration of "project abandonment", and as such, the intellectual property he had developed to that point was now his."

Went out tonight and ate in the outdoor patio of a restaurant tonight. Wore mask when it was reasonable (that whole eating and drinking thing). Was anxious and checking my space the entire time

Nobody has ever explained the irregular small caps of “New YORK”, “DuTCHESS”, and “WesTCHESTER” to me.

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