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Went out tonight and ate in the outdoor patio of a restaurant tonight. Wore mask when it was reasonable (that whole eating and drinking thing). Was anxious and checking my space the entire time

Nobody has ever explained the irregular small caps of “New YORK”, “DuTCHESS”, and “WesTCHESTER” to me.

Is it me or has the fediverse seemed more quiet lately?

Mastodon hivemind, what are these? Located at Jennings landing albany amphitheater. The cables are fixed length so they cannot be reasonably raised or lowered

Looks like there's some help out there already, there's a CVE check in some python2 janky fashion...

but use your best judgement, its yet another script.

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now that pine64 is selling replacement parts for the pinephone on their website, you can actually build your own pinephone and appears to be about two dollars compared to the fully assembled, tested, and warrantied product, so maybe don't do that.

COVID19, nuclear take 

Okay, humanity is doomed, COVID19 just won the pandemic. 😂

*puts feet on table, slouches back, lights a cigar and finally relaxes*


from Katie Mack ( on other media:

[Cake voice]

We stay alone (ALL ALONE), for our friends in their time of NEED

Because WHO’s racing, and pacing, to flatten the curve
Docs fighting, and guiding, and keeping up their nerve
We’re keeping our distance
(Aaaa, ahhh)

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