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Mastodon hivemind, what are these? Located at Jennings landing albany amphitheater. The cables are fixed length so they cannot be reasonably raised or lowered

Looks like there's some help out there already, there's a CVE check in some python2 janky fashion...

but use your best judgement, its yet another script.

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now that pine64 is selling replacement parts for the pinephone on their website, you can actually build your own pinephone and appears to be about two dollars compared to the fully assembled, tested, and warrantied product, so maybe don't do that.

COVID19, nuclear take 



The fediverse seems so much more lively with all
of the social distancing!

Every so often I get this weird feeling that things aren’t quite ‘right’. It’s like I have a memory of how things are supposed to be. But I cannot quite remember it.

I also formatted my resume for my line printer. Going to take a couple of copies to my interview.

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