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E-mail deals with spam using Bayesian filters or machine learning. The more training data there is, the more accurate the results, a monolith like GMail benefits from this greatly. Mastodon's decentralization means everyone has separate training data, and starts from scratch, which means high inaccuracy. It also means someone spamming a username could potentially lead to any mention of that username be considered spam due to the low overall volume of data, unless you strip usernames


If you've read #fmjail: a review on Amazon or your favorite bookstore would help me out.

Windows 10update. Hour 12. I still have 2 “feature updates” to go

Ugh. Was pretty sick over the weekend with a pretty nasty stomach infection, and while I am better now, everything tastes weird.

Hey, look who's #1 in the "Unix" category!

This toot will age badly...

@bcallah hey. Now that you’re back and local let’s get going again!

Just finished watching tonight’s

Wow. Seriously good SciFi. Still in shock over that episode

I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

The best thing to happen to my fiction career to date: 

@mwlucas looks like you’re about to have another surge in Savaged by Systemd orders

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